How often must I get a vehicle inspection?

All vehicles registered in New York State must get a safety inspection and an emissions inspection every 12 months. Both inspections are also required when the ownership of a vehicle is transferred. (Some vehicles are exempt from emissions inspections.) Both inspections are done at the same time by a DMV-certified inspector at privately-owned inspection stations licensed by DMV.

If you buy a vehicle from a NYS dealer, the dealer must have the vehicle inspected. The inspections must occur no more than 30 days before the vehicle is delivered to you.

You receive an inspection extension if you buy or get a vehicle from an out-of-state source. After you register the vehicle in NYS, you are allowed ten days to complete the vehicle inspections. Any inspection issued to the previous registrant is not valid after you register the vehicle.

If you become a resident of NYS and register your vehicle in NYS, your out-of-state inspection remains valid. The out-of-state certificate or inspection sticker issued in your name is valid until it expires, or for one year after the vehicle is registered in NYS, whichever comes first. When your out-of-state inspection expires, you must get the vehicle inspected in NYS.

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